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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:18:29 2004
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Meteorites are cool because they come to us from places in space where we would
never be able to travel. They're cool because they're like nothing earthly.
They've been called rocks, but they're not really. In fact, they seem to be
alive in ways. When I see a meteorite with it's fusion crust, it reminds me of
a poor, sore little puppy with it's fur singed off and a toasted hide. My
often over-imaginative mind can almost hear a whimper when I look at one of
these wonderfully ancient messengers from the heavens. "Ouch! atmospheric entry
hurts!" They're cool because they bring us clues concerning the nature of
creation. They contain elements of life! They're cool because they seem to
plan where they're going to land so that we have to work hard to find them, and
they're cool because their mystique has brought you and me together and made us
friends. Rand Kluge.
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