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Best for all,
Tim Heitz

J. Warren wrote:

>I was thinking the same exact thing Matteo, as soon as I saw those photos.
>I'm glad you mentioned it first. That is not fresh crust. It got me to
>thinking about something. The "nomads" know what will bring the most money.
>That being, a fall will bring more than a find. How can there be proof that
>it was a fall and not a find? From what I understand, the only thing
>proving this was a fall is the word of some third world uneducated people.
>Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I would need more proof than that. There
>are some people who say "well, if the Met. Society says its a fall, then IT
>IS A FALL." Not true. Good luck to all of the teams though. Stay SAFE!
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>>Hello all
>>I have see the photo and is many strange this pieces
>>not have a fresh crust - type Bensour or Hadeja - if
>>is fall few months ago, is many similar to normaly NWA
>>finds in desert. When exit the report of the
>>Met.Society? Is available a isotope text? Sorry for my
>>suspect but in this months the moroccan persons and
>>similar in the zone they are wanting to they sell some
>>meteorites like falls of recent. However I have asked
>>a piece of 10 gr. to observe better.
>>--- Adam Hupe <adamhupe_at_attbi.com> wrote:
>>>Dear List Members,
>>>We Would like to introduce a new fall.
>>>New meteorite Thuathe, Lesotho fell on July 21, 2002
>>>Incredibly this meteorite fell on the same day as
>>>Kilabo. About 27 kilograms is projected to be the
>>>Total Known Weight with about 19 kilograms recovered
>>>so far. Stones varying in size from 2 grams up to
>>>the main mass weight of 2,387 grams have been
>>>recovered. It was reported to the Meteoritical
>>>Society and the official name of Thuathe has been
>>>assigned. It is an H4 ordinary chondrite with a not
>>>so ordinary story. We will report more eye witness
>>>accounts as they come in.
>>>Malineo Mantsoe of IIa Sofonia describes her
>>>experience: When the loud noise occurred overhead,
>>>she ran to the back of her dwelling expecting to see
>>>a thunderstorm, but there was none. She came to the
>>>front, just in time to hear wheeee-bang as a stone
>>>fell into her cooking area just in front of her,
>>>cracking one of her water carriers. No villager
>>>could have thrown a stone so fast in daylight, and
>>>it must have been a truly powerful thokolost to have
>>>done such a thing in broad daylight! Fortunately she
>>>was prepared for such occasions, because she had a
>>>supply of holy water blessed in church. She
>>>sprinkled it on the stone and elsewhere around her
>>>cooking area and house, and it worked! No more
>>>stones fell.
>>>In other villages the locals were disgusted that
>>>black stones were falling out of the sky because one
>>>almost hit somebody in Ha Motloang. They picked up
>>>the stones and threw them as far away as they could
>>>to get them out of their villages. Once they
>>>overcame their superstitions regarding this
>>>meteorite and realized they were worth something,
>>>hundreds began to search for them.
>>>What you see here is the first batch to reach the
>>>civilized world. We are expecting the bulk of the
>>>fall, another 12 kilograms to reach us this week.
>>>The well-defined strewn field has been scoured for
>>>months now so we expect only another 2 to 4
>>>kilograms will show up after this. After one of our
>>>partners, thinking that all the material had been
>>>recovered (not possible) spoke about this fall in
>>>Tucson the word was out. Now a three-person team
>>>arrived yesterday from Tucson and is asking about
>>>the stones. Now there is a race on to see who can
>>>recover the most of this new fall. Good luck to the
>>>other teams and may we all win!
>>>The samples pictured below are priced as follows:
>>>10-50 grams $7.50 per gram
>>>51-200 grams $7.00 per gram
>>>201-500 grams $6.50 per gram
>>>over 500 grams $6.00 per gram
>>>Her is a link to available specimens:
>>>Please email us and let us know if any of these are
>>>of interest.
>>>All the best,
>>>Adam and Greg Hupe
>>>The Hupe Collection
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