[meteorite-list] First report of a New Fall!

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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:18:30 2004
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"Depending on the region of the fall it would not surprize me not to see
Bensour like crust on this meteorite."

Could you please provide an example of a known, proven fall, that is only a
few months old, yet appears, and I mean APPEARS (not saying it does), to
have many years of weathering? I've been trying to think of one, and
can't. And you know as well as I do, SOMEONE picked up some pieces and kept
them out of the elements. Where are those pieces? Perhaps they will turn
up. Lets hope so.

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> Hello Matteo and List,
> Matteo wrote: "I have see the photo and is many strange this pieces
> not have a fresh crust - type Bensour or Hadeja - if
> is fall few months ago, is many similar to normaly NWA
> finds in desert."
> Depending on the region of the fall it would not surprize me not to see
> Bensour like crust on this meteorite. Most of the Bensour and Hadeja
> meteorites were picked up within days of fall, July 21, 2002 is several
> months and plenty of time for desert wind and sand to have stripped most
> the crust off of many of the meteorites.
> Matteo also wrote "However I have asked a piece of 10 gr. to observe
> better."
> Could you explain what you plan to do to observe it better. Since another
> team has made it to the strewn field I am sure we will hear more on this
> fall in a short time.
> Congradulations on the recovery to Adam and Greg Hupe. It is not often we
> see an H4 with a light colored matrix, as it appears in the photo.
> Mark Bostick
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