Fw: [meteorite-list] First report of a New Fall!

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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:18:30 2004
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 Hello all,

 You're correct that on the photos Adam supplied the crust doesn't look
 "midnight" black as we expect it should. However, I think this could be a
 result of lighting during photography or maybe weathering. I've got a
couple of Bensour specimens; one is black and the other is more of a medium
brownish gray so differences in the color of crusts occur too. Both of
these specimens were picked up immediately after the fall before weathering
could have occurred. Weathering could have happened in the last six months
but I think desert winds stripping the crust off is out. Lesotho is a
mountainous county surrounded by South Africa. I think the location of
 Lesotho also rules out nomads "salting" this area and calling it a new
 My 2 cents,
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> > Hello Matteo and List,
> >
> > Matteo wrote: "I have see the photo and is many strange this pieces
> > not have a fresh crust - type Bensour or Hadeja - if
> > is fall few months ago, is many similar to normaly NWA
> > finds in desert."
> >
> > Depending on the region of the fall it would not surprize me not to see
> nice
> > Bensour like crust on this meteorite. Most of the Bensour and Hadeja
> > meteorites were picked up within days of fall, July 21, 2002 is several
> > months and plenty of time for desert wind and sand to have stripped most
> of
> > the crust off of many of the meteorites.
> >
> > Matteo also wrote "However I have asked a piece of 10 gr. to observe
> > better."
> >
> > Could you explain what you plan to do to observe it better. Since
> > team has made it to the strewn field I am sure we will hear more on this
> > fall in a short time.
> >
> > Congradulations on the recovery to Adam and Greg Hupe. It is not often
> > see an H4 with a light colored matrix, as it appears in the photo.
> >
> > Mark Bostick
> >
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