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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:18:30 2004
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Subject: Interesting item on eBay web site item#2161642644: Meteorite tek.
found one room school yard TX

> I saw this item for sale at eBay, The World's Online Marketplace TM, and
thought that you might be interested.
> Title of item: Meteorite tek. found one room school yard TX
> Seller: jeffsearch
> Starts: Feb-23-03 22:37:56 PST
> Ends: Mar-02-03 22:37:56 PST
> Price: Starts at $5.00
> To bid on the item, go to:
> Item Description:
> I found this "flat" meteorite or tektite with others in North Central
> on grounds of an abandoned 1880's one-room schoolhouse.I am leaving it up
to you figure out if it's a meteorite ot tektite.
> Walked up on the impact area of a meteorite/cosmic splash or fallout.The
many pieces were strewn out in a line about 6 feet long.Over 20 pieces
sitting high and dry on top of the limestone rock,hard clay surface.I picked
all of them
> up and have stored in a Folger's coffee can with lid on for years.
> Piece shown measures 4.5 cm
> in length x 3 cm width.I have a pitiful gram scale but it reads
> 40 grams.It weighs all that.Thickness-1 gm thick side tapers to
> 50 cm.Can see residue of red clay dirt on surface.
> I also see the meteorite or tektite full of nodules some sort-many darker
> bumps look like goose bumps and also almost quartlike minerals
> in matrix of piece.I have no idea composition of meteorite/tek and
> have decided not to test it but am certain it's cosmic in origin from
evidence of group fallout and their location down
> line from each oher.Many of these if you twist in sunlight
> will twinkle.I have no idea what's in there making that shine.
> Tiny,tiny sparkles.You should be able to decide upon bidding by the pics
shown.Again,these are not tested or confirmed
> profesionally.I have seen meteorites/tektites on eBay and they
> look close enough.Nothing else around here I have ever seen native
> matches it at all.I can tell each piece
> has undegone many years of "stress" and high heat.
> Imagine the miles these pieces traveled and speed they impacted earth!This
may be a tektite if the pebbly bumps are considered "glass".Please feel free
to e-mail and educate me.I am in need.
> Highest bidder please add $1.50 S$h in a padded
> mailer.I accept money orders,Paypal and checks.Thanks folks!
> Visit eBay, The World's Online Marketplace TM at http://www.ebay.com
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