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From: Michael L Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:18:31 2004
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Hi Rafael,
        That sounds like a GREAT plan, and, if you do it systematically,
should definitely produce finds. If you don't mind "advice" from the
world's most unlucky meteorite hunter (I have only found ONE, though
I have searched 9 strewn fields and been with THE best on 2 occasions
(Steve Schoner in Holbrook and John Blennert in Gold Basin).
        First, you need to develop a reliable GRID - a map of the area that
will allow you to THOROUGHLY cover one section of grid per search day.
You can start with the entire area, then break it up into sections, then
break one section into a general grid, then break that into daily sections.
Don't go from one area to another until a grid is completely done. Of
course, you might want to search one small grid area one day and a
small grid area in an entirely different area the next. Just finish each
grid area before changing so you can, one at a time, check off each area
and not end up repeating yourself later before searching unsearched
        The meteorite cane and close observation seem to work best, though
once a strewn field is found, you can then calibrate a metal detector to
that PARTICULAR fall and do well. Working with Steve Schoner was a
remarkable experience seeing him thoroughly cover 4 times as much area
as I with a meteorite cane - and find several specimens while I ended up
empty handed.
        Anyway, you are sure to get some more meaningful techniques for
use of cane and metal detector from other list members (you can read
about making a cane on my site or contact John Gwilliam who makes a
beauty for a very reasonable price). HOWEVER, I consider my advice on
creating a grid and thoroughly searching section by section, while checking
off a record of your coverage an iron clad technique, if, indeed, your
intention is to eventually thoroughly search your entire area.
        HAPPY HUNTING! Michael
PS: Keep us informed, photograph your finds in situe and show and tell!


on 2/28/03 9:32 AM, Rafael B. Torres at spacecollection2001_at_hotmail.com

> Hello List, Im just writing cuz Im planning to start my own meteorite
> expeditons around my city every saturday morning, there is a vast desert
> around here and Im planning going by car to a location near here and they
> move on by bicyle, but I want to know how to do it best, so at least I can
> find some meteorites. How do I plan this expedition?...What is best when you
> go to a location to search for meteorites (its not a strewnfield)?, how do
> you scan the area?...I would appreciate any help...Thanks a good luck for
> all the hunters here =0)
> PS-Thanks to all people who answered my questions about the rocks I had. =0)
> =0)
> Rafael B. Torres
> Space Collection 2001
> http://www.geocities.com/rafael_blando
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