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> Dear Ken, Mark, and List:
> >A reply was received from Postermaster Scott stating that the report
> >"is a canard," no such aerolite having fallen.
> I greatly enjoyed the archaic writing style of this article, and also
> the hilarious content. I see that meteorite pranksters were hard at
> work even in the 1800s. What industrious fellows they were, skulking
> about the country filing reports of aerolites "as large as a
> hogshead," and others that had killed farmers in their beds. I assume
> that Mohamed will now be spurred on to even greater feats of
> discovery, finding tomorrow perhaps, a new Lunar or Martian meteorite
> the size of a camel's hump, or a donkey.
> We usually now see this wonderful word "aerolite" only in old
> articles, and perhaps hand written on vintage collection labels. The
> most enjoyable part for me, however, was the usage of this word
> "canard" -- meaning, in English, "a false or malicious report." More
> amusingly -- and as our own Anne Black knows full well -- it is the
> French word for "duck," as in the bird. I suppose this term should
> now be reserved specially for fake meteorite reports made by quacks.
> The journalist showed little objectivity at the end, when he stated
> that "the friend" (I assume he meant "fiend") who had been
> perpetrating these canards, "should be killed"! Now that's the way to
> deal with these pranksters : )
> Regards,
> Geoff N.
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