[meteorite-list] Snow and Thuathe!

From: Chauncey Walden <clwaldeniii_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:23:49 2004
Message-ID: <3E789913.52328AB2_at_attbi.com>

Good morning List,
Fred Olsen and I are happy to announce two things we have in Denver this
morning - snow and Thuathe. We have a lot of both - a whole lot! Any
volunteers for getting the 4 feet of the former out of my driveway? Fred
is busy working on the web site (www.webmeteorites.com - get it? "we b
meteorites") and it may not be accessible to most of you for a few days
as it propagates. Once it is up you'll be able to see scores of pictures
of beautifully crusted Thuathe individuals and fragments, and a limited
number of full slices. Many of the pieces are fully documented as to
finder and location and a few even have an angle such as "found in my
garden" or "picked up while still hot" (we know this is usually an urban
myth, but when you see how much metal is in these and how a lot of it is
exposed through the crust, may be). We also have the smallest documented
individual at 2.5 grams (although Fred has been eyeing this one) and the
5th largest at 493.4 grams! So there is something for everyone although
many cluster around the 20-30 gram range. Prices will range from $6/gm
for undocumented fragments, to $7/gm for documented fragments and
undocumented individuals, to $7.50/gm for full slices and documented
individuals, to perhaps $10/gm for really special/oriented individuals.
As Fred will be getting away from the snow for a while, the best thing
to do is email me with your wants and I'll compile a list on a first
in/first choice basis. We will also have an excellent selection of Korra
Korrabes, the chondrule-loaded brecciated Namibian H3, with individuals
at $1.50/gm, full slices (only 2mm thick for large exposure with minimum
weight!) at $2/gm, and thin sections at $32. And keep an eye on the web
site for some very interesting Gibeons and... well, just keep looking!
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