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From: Fred Olsen <debfred_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:23:49 2004
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"We B Meteorites" to your service. Other than poor grammer and bad spelling
we want to be known for fine meteorites. I am starting a new web site
(under construction) to sell meteorites. Unfortunately it is taking longer
than I had planned. Chauncey Walden is helping with this project and has a
fine lot of 65 pieces of Thuathe ready to go. There are whole individuals,
crusted fragments, and slices. There about 10 in the 17-23 gram range.
Overall they range from 4 grams to 493.4g many with documentation with date,
place, and name of finder. Until the website is ready get your requests
into Chauncey at clwaldeniii_at_attbi.com or me Fred Olsen at
debfred_at_att.net Thanks, Fred
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> Who has a 20 to 25 gram individual of theuthe meteorite for sale?
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