[meteorite-list] meteorites from Phobos?

From: Tom aka James Knudson <knudson911_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:29:57 2004
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Hello List, Ron wrote;
"By the way, that image of the boulder on Phobos is a cool image, particurly
with the long shadows."

How would you guess that got there? Is that a true martian meteorite, a
meteorite on the martian surface?

Thanks, Tom
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> > My question is: Would it be possible to find on Earth, meteorites with =
> > an origin from Phobos (or the other moon Deimos)?
> > Or would the fragments be mainly gravitationally atracted by Mars?
> > I suppose that other factors should be considered, such as the angle and
> > the velocity of the impactors on the moons?
> >
> It is possible, but the real trick would be to correlate it specifically
> Phobos. Spectroscopic analysis of Phobos indicates that its composition
is similar
> to carbonaceous chondrites. But spectra matches have also been found
> carbonaceous chondrites and several other asteroids. And Phobos is
> suspected of being a captured asteroid. So, unless you can find
> about Phobos that makes it uniquely different from the other asteroids, it
> be nearly impossible to determine if a meteorite came from Phobos or a
> similar asteroid.
> By the way, that image of the boulder on Phobos is a cool image,
> with the long shadows.
> Ron Baalke
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