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From: Iris Lang <rockgirl_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:29:59 2004
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Dear List Members,

R.A. Langheinrich Meteorites is offering a new monthly special on our
website -- affordable diamond lap finished part slices of the rare ureilite
Dhofar 125.

Pictures are available here:

In addition, we have updated our online meteorite catalog with many fine new
items, including the following:

- Camel Donga, superb 166.5 complete crusted individual

- Chinga, nicely-shaped complete irons at bargain prices

- Dhurmsala, historic witnessed fall from India (1860)

- Estherville, beautifully-prepared green and silver part slices

- Ibitira

- Portales Valley, complete individual, 398 grams

- Saratov, fragments and part slices

- St. Michel, historic witnessed fall from Finland (1910)

- Taza, large complete individual, 2,318 grams
Our online catalog features over a hundred different recognized meteorites
including historic witnessed falls, Lunar and Martian material, old
collection Canyon Diablo irons with desert patina, and more.

Online catalog: http://www.nyrockman.com/catalog.htm

We appreciate your interest and support.

Thank you,

Iris Lang
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