[meteorite-list] The Finnish meteor...ended up in Sweden

From: Göran Axelsson <axelsson_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Aug 4 15:49:02 2004
Message-ID: <411136B0.9090302_at_acc.umu.se>

Hello list!

Sorry for all Finns running around Vasa hunting for meteorites.
The meteor on july 12 that was seen from Finland actually
exploded over V?sterbotten in Sweden.

The meteor were seen from a number of places along the coast
up to 100 km south of the fireball. It ended it's flight
in three explosions that were detected by the IRF (Institute
for Space Physics) infra sound network.

The infra sound detectors are located in four places in Sweden
and the positions of the three explosions have been calculated
within +/-2 km. The first explosion were smaller than the two
later and a witness located between the two westwards explosions
have told us he heard two explosions and a hissing sound.
What we lack is the height of the explosions.

So far no fragments have yet been found in the area but the
hunt have only begun.

As I live only 50 km south of the area I've been searching
with some friends for the last two weekends.
During this time we have walked any fields and driven any
roads close to the trajectory for the better part of 40km.
We are now expanding the search area but we are also thinking
of going into the woods.

I have searched the web for meteorite impact craters to get
a clue of what I'm looking for in possible craters but the
only thing I find is pictures of km-sized craters.
What I would like to have is a picture of typical craters
or damage made from fist sized meteorites. Especially if
the meteorite bounced and was found outside of the crater.

I'm a beginner on meteorites but I've collected minerals
for eight years so my way of looking for meteorites is to
find suspicious looking stones and discard any I could
explain as local geology.

My new interest for meteorites got me all over the web,
reading, browsing, looking and even buying... I bought some
NWA-meteorites to have something to show when I talk to
local residents. But I also want to start a collection.
I know that they are unclassified and without locality.
But I wonder if there are any official or inoficcial
list of NWA-meteorites and their properties?
I also wonder which tests needs to be run to classify
and register new meteorites?

I know I have a lot of questions but I try to restrict
my self a bit.. :-)

Thanks for any help in advance!

Regards, G?ran Axelsson, Ume?, Sweden
Received on Wed 04 Aug 2004 03:19:12 PM PDT

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