[meteorite-list] Dronino is no ataxite.

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Date: Sun Aug 8 11:10:22 2004
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notging....I have use 2 types of etching, one with very very few nitric
acid, another with many acid....nothing in the 2 case. Warning with
Paraloid, I use for work with others type of French vernish....With the
paraloid the air no pas and in some iron meteorites I have pu this, after
few time the surface is exploded after some bubbles is exit. On the surface
I have put Ferrox, its a rusty converter. But the problem of the iron
meteorites its into the meteorite, not on the surface. How many Nantan I
have see exploded after some time for the Lawerencite problem......

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>Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 15:56:11 +0200
> > I have etched my piece but is not exit any pattern.....but this
> > its terrible for the rusty, I have put Ferrox and Ballistol but the
> > exit.....
>Hmm thats strange. After etching nothing happend? Thats impossible. Hmm.
>After cutting and polishing I heat every slice, clean in alcohol and put to
>special protective varnish.
>Its named Paraloid and its used to conservation of discovered ancient
>artifacts made also from iron.
>Unfortunatelly about month or two Dronino start rusting. Inclusions from
>slices (mostly located closer to edges of specimens) start "growing". I
>verry desperated and send them again for polishing and then try to clean
>conserve them again. but this time vithout any varnish. Ofcourse nothing
>happend, dronino rusting again. Then, becouse I was verry desperate and
>about myself why I buy this 5kg s*** who still cost some $$$ and my cutting
>proces, where cut loses are 0.12mm is also not cheap as normall saw
>I put all slices to table, one slice to another, and from time to time
>puting on them new layer of Balistol oil. They stay untouched for about 3
>months. I have no hope that I sell any of this slices in future. What is
>strange, half of this 5kg specimen still stay near my window from january
>and there is only a little rust on it, mostly on "crust"side, not on 4
>cutted sides. Realy this is strange. This was not protected by oil or
>something else. Just a miracle.
>And at last, few weeks ago I again take a look on my slices. What I
>it was that beetween slices is still rust, but this is old rust bathed in
>the oil. No new rust. I cleaned few slices from oil and rust and they still
>have this nice silver color like in time when I receive them from polishing
>without. No visible new rust, everything looks good. And becouse I have few
>other meteorites to etching I try to etch one of smallest slice and
>WOWwwwwwww this what I see was verry nice.
>Pattern is strange. Only idea I just have then was, that this looks strange
>like Taza. Ofcourse this is not the same, but this looks the same strange
>like Taza pattern, I not know any other similat pattern like from Dronino.
>There is good contrast on slices, but pattern it alvays visible only from
>one side. If You turn it on 180* pattern will be visible only a little. So
>thats why on one photo pattern is super and on another not verry good
>Its maybe not verry good advertise about my Dronino, I talked here a little
>too much about rust hehehe but maybe this will help someone to stabilize
>Dronino Slices.
>I but my Dronino in november '03 before Finmet start writting on his
>auctions that at last they find how to stabilize dronino and they will not
>rust also if You put slices to water, hot/salt water etc, etc, so I do not
>know if this is truth or not. But what I can say about my specimens is that
>they really stop rusting right now. They still stay in the same place on my
>table (i dont want change this "lucky localisation") bathed in Balostol
>waiting for high bidders from eBay. I watch them carefully if nothing will
>happend, but fortunatelly they stay in verry good condition.
>This is my loooooong 2 cents to Dronino case. Someone realy should watch
>Dronino again and test if this is at last ataxite or not.
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