[meteorite-list] Review Paper on Chondrules Published in EPSL

From: almitt <almitt_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Aug 10 19:54:53 2004
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Hi Paul and all,

One of the mysteries about solar system formation is how chondrules or
smaller particles bound together to create larger bodies which in turn
had collisions to make even larger bodies. It has been suggested that
static discharges in the presolar system might have fused particles
together or they were charged differently and attracted together or even
might have fused from high speed impacts.

I believe there are still many questions as to how these particles came
to accrete together in order to form the system. luckily we still have
the very particles to examine and perhaps will tell the story someday.

Ever think that it is amazing that rocks (better meteorites) can talk to
us to tell us the story. We just need the equipment to ask the questions


Paul H wrote:

the latest issue of Earth and Planetary Science
Letters has a review article about chondrules.

"The current most popular mechanisms for forming
chondrules in a nebular setting are radiation
emitted by the protosun in the X-wind setting
or shock waves propagated in the protoplanetary
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