[meteorite-list] New Campo -Myth Busted?

From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Aug 24 13:43:16 2004
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Morocco, Oman, Libya blah blah blah and now argentina.

If anybody wants to know what the laws are governing
meteorites in any particular country the way to go
about it is not to send emails to the list asking over
and over again if some country in the middle of
nowhere restricts meteorites as part of the 1970
UNESCO accord.
Almost Every country (Including North Korea and Libya)
has some sort of representation in the United States
with a phone number (And typically an hell of a lot
easier to get through to a live person than calling
somebody at an american embassy overseas) and pretty
much every country as a government website that one
could email.
A quick phone call or email to any embassy should
quickly supply one with all of the information that
one needs to find out the laws concerning meteorites
in any country that they wishes to visit. Then if the
meteorites are considered "Cultural property" and if
that country is a signatory to UNESCO and if the
meteorites never left the country before 1970 (Or
whenever that country signed UNESCO) then it is
probably illegal to export.
If anybody has an interest in a countries cultural
laws call the embassy and get them to fax a copy of
their cultural laws to you. If it is only a provincial
law and not a national law it may or may not be
covered under UNESCO but every countries laws a
different legal structures.
Asking is easy and avoids having to guess.
I know of at least one instance where campos were
properly declared and inspected and approved for
export. Might have been an isolated case. I dont know.
Note that Campos are also found in Paraguay so check
cultural laws of Paraguay also.
Maybe somebody interested can call the embassies of
those two countries and send us all a report. I am
sure some list members would be interested.

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