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Dear Fellow Meteorite Beer Drinkers,
        I would volunteer a few Nantans which I have in abundance carefully
attached to stiring sticks to roil the solution during primary brewing stage
and since the quanity of Nickel will be minimal it should be safe to drink.
We could name it "Nantans Revenge" the slight brown color is naturally RUST.
        "Rusty" Bill Mason

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Toxicity above 0.00002 g in a day (expect shortness of breath, diarrea,
polka dot skin rashes besides getting buzzed from the beer and probably an
insignificant tad of neural effects), and higher long term incidence of
respiratory cancers, and at 15 grams or so will likely cause you heart
failure on the spot. That of course, depends on how well you brew it as
plenty of kids have eaten nickel clad coins (US 10c, 25c, 50c, etc.), and
lived, or straight nickel alloy coins. For 15 g you would need a minimum of
200 grams or so of your garden variety coarse octahedrite and more of course
if you got stoned meteorites.

In case you wondered, nickel uptaken accumulates in the body. 2% of the
amount you eat/drink and 10% of the amount you snort will stick around
accumulating with a biological half life activity in you of 3.5 years. So
drinking it is clearly the safer bet.

Brewers can practice on tailings or leached slurries from old nickel ore
mining operations to approximate the effects before trying the good stuff,
if they have any sanity left.

Saludos, Doug


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Greetings, list
Very true - I was kidding!  I should have been clear on that; it can be
difficult to read a person's intent through email.
I can almost picture the ebay ad that might have resulted - "Canyon Diablo
individual, only been brewed once, some hop inclusions, weathering grade SM
(slightly malty), tests positive for organics".  That, and if this guy makes
another batch of that beer with the nut in it, I think I'll let him drink it
all himself.  That is a clear violation of the Reinheitsgebot...!
Cheers (not to be taken literally),
> Hi Marc and all,
> Brewers beware as iron meteorites do contain nickel which is toxic. I 
> don't know how much it would take to cause heath problems but probably 
> not a good idea to
> brew irons at this time. I've seen some Zagami (glass in that stony
> material)
> eaten and there is the story of the Russian who ate some/part of the
> meteorite
> that fell in his area. Also Mbale was eaten and thought to be a cure for
> aids.
> All my best!
> --AL
Marc D. Fries 
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