[meteorite-list] NWA 1836 Eucrite Info

From: Adam Hupe <adamhupe_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:28 2004
Message-ID: <00b901c3fbef$76375880$7fc21018_at_attbi.com>

Dear Frank, Rob and List Members,

I think some NWA 1836 stones are being counted twice. My research shows
that a 800 plus gram stone was cut and only the end cut weight of 220 grams
was reported to the Nom Com. To me it looks like somebody was trying to
cheat on the TKW. What other reason would there be to under report the
weight? We studied a specimen from this stone two years ago and passed on
it because the Moroccan dealer was asking $25,000.00 dollars for it calling
it a melted Eucrite.

We have been keeping a look out for more of this material since it is so
beautiful and only acquired an additional 334 grams representing two years
of searching by the nomads. This material was divided up five ways and that
is why it is showing up elsewhere. The nomads having been searching hard
for this material for over two years so I doubt much more is going to being
coming out.

Another dealer was asking over $200.00 a gram for this material compared
with our price of $45.00 a gram on this weeks rare material special. If you
want any of this gorgeous material check out the several NWA 1836 specimens
we are running on ebay at the following link:


You may want to bid soon as this is all we have.

All the best,

Adam and Greg Hupe
The Hupe Collection
IMCA 2185
Received on Wed 25 Feb 2004 05:33:58 PM PST

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