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Date: Thu Jul 1 18:10:06 2004
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Zelimir kindly wrote:

> Interesting suggestion to offer a piece of Ensisheim
> meteorite to every new inducted member.


> Needless to say that it is totally unrealistic that we envisage
> one day to trim fragments from the remaining main mass of
> the meteorite for such a purpose.

Anne wrote:

> Maybe all members of the Confrerie should receive a piece of the Ensisheim
> meteorite when they are inducted. You could suggest that to Zelimir. :-)

after I had written:

> I think it is a "must" for an honary member of the "Ensisheim
> Confraternity" to own at least little slice of this historical fall
> from 1492.

Hello Anne, Zelimir, and List,

Of course, Anne's "smiley" clearly indicates (my interpretation!) that she did
not seriously consider chopping off anything from the remaining Ensisheim
mass of 53.831 kg.

Nor did I ! The mere thought of it would be a sin! When I wrote it was a "must",
I wanted to hint at my very personal perspective: * I * wanted to acquire a piece
of Ensisheim. There was another piece for sale, an endcut with some fusion
crust (the per gram price was just as tempting as what I paid for my little slice
but it weighed "too much" and thus would have cost quite a few bucks more).

Well, what I wanted to say is, that if someone, confrere or not, wants to own a
piece of this beautiful, historical meteorite, it will have to be one of the pieces
that are already out there in someone's collection ... definitely nothing from the
remaining mass.

Best regards,

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