[meteorite-list] List Virus warning - please read

From: Dave Andrews <dnandrews_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Jul 1 23:29:42 2004
Message-ID: <40E4D6A5.8030306_at_frontiernet.net>

Michael and List,
I posted on the 24th that the viruses weren't from you, but you know, it
probably was unread by most, just like this one. The viruses are coming
from Romania with Michael Blood's email being "spoofed" as the sender.

So, whoever is from Romania with a domain IP of ess.ro on this list, you
might want to check out your PC.


Michael L Blood wrote:

>Sorry to trouble the list,
> But I have been kindly contacted by Thomas Webb asking if I had
>sent posts to the list with attachments. PLEASE NOTE: I have not!
> Apparently, there are viruses that now attach themselves to actual
>posts and piggyback to whomever the real sender sends emails. I heard
>discussion of this today on KPBS radio. They are called "drones."
> So, please note: I NEVER send posts to the list with attachments - I
>ALWAYS use internal URL links (as per list rules re photos). On some
>rare occasion I might have an attachment of something other than a
>photo - but would definitely make reference to same within the text.
>(This is true regardless of to whom I am posting).
> So, if you get a post to the list from me (including THIS ONE!) that
>has an "attachment" not identified within the test of the message, DO NOT
>OPEN IT! (This is a very good "rule of thumb" in general with ALL email,
>in my opinion).
> Sorry if anyone got bitten via a piggyback virus on any of my posts.
> Best wishes, Michael
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