[meteorite-list] Matteo War on the list

From: John K. Gwilliam <jkg_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Jul 7 19:14:17 2004
Message-ID: <>

Looks like we have a new Met. List mother to set us all straight and shake
a finger at us when we misbehave. Can I borrow the car tonight?


At 12:42 PM 7/7/2004, Peanut .. wrote:
>I am fairly new to this list and to meteorite collecting in general. I
>think a list such as this could be very beneficial to new people to the
>hobby of collecting and dealing in meteorites.
>Alot of very informative material has come through this list and I'm
>taking it in like a sponge. THIS IS WHY THE LIST WAS CREATED RIGHT?
>This endless banter regarding Matteo is ridiculous. I get emails in
>Italian (No Offense, Matteo, I have nothing against Italians), I waste my
>time deleting emails of people dogging each other repeatedly, it's such a
>waste of everyone time.
>I think Mike Farmer did a good thing by sending the initial warning. This
>is where it should lie! Judging from the emails I have read thusfar, it
>seems that SPACEROCKS_at_hotmail.com is instigating a fight here and it has
>to stop.
>For those who are unaware, Please review the following:
>General List Policies
>1. Posts need to relate -in some way- to meteorites - Current Emails are
>not longer reflecting this
>2. Be courteous and professional at all times - Right, Sure........NOT
>3. Do not post -private messages- or -personal attacks- to the list - Not
>happening here
>4. Please include the 'subject' of the post in the subject box
>5. Send emails in text format, not -HTML-
>6. Do not send emails with -file attachments- to the list - include a file
>link - Not happening here
>7. Make sure you can back up statements with -facts and references- -
>Again Not happening here
>8. Do not post -major advertisement- emails to the list - include a 'sale'
>9. If you are posting a URL for a sale, include 'SALE' in the subject box
>Ok, So could we all please just put the stick down (That means, Stop the
>fight, Matteo) and move on to why we are here in the first place. To talk
>about METEORITES!!!!!
>Thank You!
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