[meteorite-list] Re: Bash Bob Evans Day

From: Dave Andrews <dnandrews_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Jul 8 02:09:15 2004
Message-ID: <40ECE4C5.9020007_at_frontiernet.net>

Mauro Daniel wrote:

> unfortunately for you my IP is and not what your friend
> have write....and now you go in spam box what I have promised.

Hehehe...that's pretty good Matteo...er...uh...Mauro. Be sure to send
me my customary "idiot" email when reading this. Your IP addy is quite
different from the email server you are using. But you and Mauro/Matteo
have the same IP/DNS numbers. How can that happen? Be sure to have
your French hackers try to invade my PC's (yes, I have more than
one...and some of then are on wireless routers)...as you have promised.
I invite you to try, as I love the challenge. Hack on in dude!!!!

Be sure to send your customary "IDIOT" and virus/worm attachments emails
to me. The numbers you supplied above are true, but email servers don't
lie.... They are still one and the same Mauro/Matteo.....same
person....Ooops!...giving secrets away here.

If anyone here had the gumption to check....you are one and the same.
Where's Art and Ebay????

Daniel.......not very Italian is it? (Maybe that's "Danielle"?) ;-)


(No more bandwidth wasted on such frivolous crap!)
Received on Thu 08 Jul 2004 02:08:05 AM PDT

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