[meteorite-list] New Nevada Meteorite on Ebay

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thats exactly what it is ...... Magnetite ! I just looked at some of that
crappy looking stuff today from a guy set up at a flea market selling coins,
He said he found his meteorite in a field in Michigan. It looked exactly
like the stuff the guy has on ebay.
Upon close inspection...... the magnetite had way to many pits to be a
Its amazing how anybody can claim to have found a meteorite without
confirmation from a lab or appropraite source and put it up on ebay.

Check out this rock I found looking for meteorites in cornfields today:

A magnet sticks to it. But , I wouldnt throw it on ebay.

Bob Evans
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Looks like magnetite to me. Notice there is no rust on the examples shown
in the pictures...not even down in the pits and crevices. Cutting a small
window in the specimen and doing a streak test would be more conclusive.


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