[meteorite-list] New Nevada Meteorite on Ebay

From: Norman Lehrman <nlehrman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Jul 12 10:16:15 2004
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As a full-time professional Nevada rock-licker, I get
property submittals almost daily. There are some
pretty fail-safe red flags that can be used to sort
out the "pure 100%...debris" (to use some of the ebay
seller's own words) from the potential winners.

If it requires some sort of special analytical
approach to detect, or if it has gold, silver,
platinum, gadolinium, indium, and hydrocarbons, etc.,
etc., all together in vast amounts, or if all the
local experts that have seen it agree that it's
marvelous, OR if it was discovered by a
state-of-the-art detection instrument set to a special
frequency from "a mind-boggling distance of three
miles" (again, the seller's own words) there's your
clue! The last item, which pertains to this offering,
is the seller's subtle way of assuring you that no
real scientific instrument was involved. For sure, if
there was such a device, I would be out of a job and
metals would have virtually no value given their ease
of discovery!

I always find ebay offerings introduced at thousands
of dollars starting bids BEFORE any final verification
or documentation is in hand to be a pretty solid clue
as well---

I vote terrestrial, probably magnetite. Note that the
seller says "it is not a ruster". Magnetite (or
maghemite, another candidate), already being an oxide,
doesn't rust. How many irons have been found that
don't rust?

Norm Lehrman

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