[meteorite-list] Remarkable Zhamanshin crater suite

From: Norman Lehrman <nlehrman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Jul 13 21:28:09 2004
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If I may change the prevailing subject for a moment,

I have been offered a fine museum collection of the
full, diverse cross-section of impactite materials
from Zhamanshin crater. I've never seen anything to
compare: a shatter-cone, assorted impact slag,
Irghizites, Muong Nong-like glasses, frothy
lechatellierite, flaedle-like glass bombs (some
bread-crusted), baked substrate clays, polymict
impactite breccias, escorias(that help one to place
the Argentinian material in context!), various massive
to flow-banded glasses of assorted compositions,
peculiar glasses derived from high-titanium target
materials, relict target quartz veins--- Something
around 60-70 specimens ranging up to about football
size. It took me over an hour to download the images
with DSL!

It's a "make an offer" situation. I hate to consider
piecing it out by bits and slices, but that's what I
would have to do to offer the seller a fair deal. I
would rather see this go to a museum or academic study
collection as a single lot. That's where it deserves
to be. If any of you out there represent institutions
that might be interested, get in touch with me. I
don't know what kind of money we're talking, but I
suppose low four digits will work. I hate to see this
amazing suite broken up, and I need to respond before
that happens----

Norm Lehrman
and still proud to use the IMCA affiliation despite
the bad apple----(like others, I would be even prouder
if there was a decisive action taken!)
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