[meteorite-list] Burst of Meteors Seen Near Finland

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Date: Wed Jul 14 14:02:38 2004
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Ron Baalke wrote:

>Fins mistake meteor shower for SOS
>July 13, 2004
>A burst of meteors over Finnish coastal waters early Tuesday prompted
>hundreds of Finns to mistakenly report the natural phenomenon as
>emergency flares from distressed vessels, officials said.
>"The shower might have lasted just a few seconds, but so far we got over
>70 calls. The first hour was very busy here," said Matti Salokorpi,
>senior lieutenant with the maritime rescue center in Vaasa, some 420
>kilometres northwest of Helsinki.
>On a normal night the rescue centre might get around 10 calls, he told
>AFP, adding that Vaasa's ambulance and fire services had received as
>many calls due to the natural phenomenon created when space debris hits
>the earth's atmosphere at high speed.
>Several other rescue centres along the Finnish west coast reported
>numerous similar calls, according to media here.
>One of the callers, cruising in his pleasure boat off the coast,
>described the phenomenon as a red fireball moving swiftly through the
>night sky, spewing sparks and leaving a trail of vapor before turning
>white as it entered the atmosphere, Finnish news agency FNB reported.
>A glowing meteor could easily be mistaken for an emergency flare, which
>is an international alarm signal for sailors in need of assistance,
>Salokorpi said.
>According to Finnish and international maritime regulations, any person
>who sees an emergency flare is bound by law to report it, he said. It is
>up to the rescue center to decide whether such an observation is a
>distress call or not, and not the observer.
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