[meteorite-list] Burst of Meteors Seen Near Finland

From: Marc D. Fries <m.fries_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Jul 14 14:46:49 2004
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Howdy, list

   Impressive picture! The trail is twisted in a repeating fashion that
can't just be due to winds - I'd say the meteor corkscrewed its way
through the atmosphere. I'm curious - the maximum "survivable" entry
velocity for meteorites was calculated a while back (forgive the lack
of reference here). Would a twisting, spiraling entry have an impact
on the survivability of meteorites? I'm inclined to believe that if
the total air resistance vector was divided into an opposing vector and
a sideways vector... would that mean the meteorite could be smaller
and survive, or would it have to be larger?? On one hand, the vector
magnitude parallel/opposite to the flight path would be smaller, but on
the other hand you'd have a "sideways" vector that would put a shear
force on the meteorite. The shear strength of materials tends to be a
fraction of that of the bulk material strength, so would the meteorite
be MORE likely to break up in a corkscrewing flight path?

    Thoughts? Comments? Does anyone know if anyone has calculated this
sort of thing before?


> You can find the pic from;
> http://www.vasabladet.fi/nyheter.asp?katID=1
> text only in swedish...;-
> best,
> pekka s

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