[meteorite-list] q on storing micromounts

From: mark ford <markf_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Jul 22 10:48:46 2004
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Of course! Vinyl Chlorides! - that answers a long standing question I
have had.. I was wondering why a some Micro's I had in Foam (sponge)
cases where rusting and all the others in membranes etc and out in the
open were all fine (even ones from the same fall).

I especially found that small Gao's stored in boxes with foam stain the
foam with rust over time, and those that aren't don't!

There certainly appeared to be some reaction with the foam. I have
noticed that yellow foam was far worse than the white foam?, presumably
different Plastics are used, chlorides would be the reason!

Thanks for that.

Mark Ford

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Dear concerned,
    I would not use "sponge" as it usually contains
vinyl chlorides which will oxidize iron with water
vapor present. Cotton in my humid climate...even
paper...is a no no because it tends to absorb water in
my climate in Tokyo. Good luck! Dirk Ross.Tokyo

Vapor-proof boxes with silicon desiccant are most
likely required, but highly depends on the meteorite
case by case.

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