[meteorite-list] Anyone seen a meteorite like this?

From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Jul 22 16:37:14 2004
Message-ID: <41002590.3020908_at_fascination.com>

Dear Jeff;

My opinion is that it is a piece of ordinary agate of some form or
other. It may have been from a chalcedony back ground, odds are it will
fracture concoidially, meaning it is in the silica and a fine fine
grained silica (quartz family) would make a very colorful arrowhead
knapping material.. ...chert.

The chondrule-like structures may have originated from some form of
bacteria/stromatolite activity and went to a lime stone and then was
replaced (permineralization) by silica. More than likely that is what
made it look chondritic. Agates with this form of colorful inclusion
are not that rare in Wyoming, in fact, I don't pick this material up. I
have a few hundred pounds that I put on a hill side for the Boy Scouts
to go dig through.

Odds are it will polish nicely with diamond abrasives.

Hope this helps.
Meteorites are not hard. Most are not even tough, except the iron ones.

Dave Freeman mjwy with auctions running

Jeff Pringle wrote:

>Check out the chondrule-like structures in this rock:
>It's harder than steel, softer than quartz and does not react to HCl acid,
>seems to lack metal.
>Opinions anyone?
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