[meteorite-list] Handling Meteorties

From: mark ford <markf_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Jul 26 10:27:35 2004
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Hi Anita,

Depends on what specimens you are touching. Irons and slices should
defiantly be handled with gloves, (those white cotton handling gloves
like jewelers use are good), if you can get used to gloves, then wear
them every time! But my opinion is to certainly wear gloves for Irons
and slices and for all others handle them by the fusion crust only and
certainly try not to touch freshly cut surfaces.

To clean them or not to clean them, that is ... tricky. Well you could
use a gentle wash over with pure alcohol (to remove grease and salts),
again depends on the material, Irons can be washed with alcohol then
some light gun oil wiped over the surface to protect it, but avoid oil
on OC's etc if poss, because it can stain the matrix.

Hope that helps!

Mark Ford

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Hi Gang:
   I think this was discussed before but I don't remember the outcome. I
frequently have occasion to touch my meteorite specimens (to catalog
look at them under a microscope, show them to newbies, etc.) I am
that the oil, salt, etc. from my hands will in some way damage them or
to deteriorate them. A few questions:

1. Should I be wearing gloves when I handle them? Latex?
2. How do I clean the ones I've touched gloveless in the past?

   Thanks for your help,


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