[meteorite-list] LETTER FROM EBAY

From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Jul 26 16:36:04 2004
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Dear Mark, Most esteemed meteorite associates;
It gets worse, "Let Auction Drop sell your items on
eBay"..............must weigh less than 25 pounds they charge 38%.

Would be a great way to sell off all of my meteorwrongs!


Dave F.

mjwy with auctions running!

mark ford wrote:

>I have to agree with Mike on this, it's pretty evident that ebay, are
>not capable of policing their auctions, something may look fake to us,
>but how are they to know?
>If you ask me we should concentrate on policing ourselves...
>Mark F.
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>From: Michael Farmer [mailto:meteoritehunter_at_comcast.net]
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>Guys, with MILLIONS of auctions on at any time, it is not Ebay's job to
>police. Think about it, do they know the laws regarding everything from
>to meteorites to artifacts?
>If it looks fake don't buy it, let the buyer beware.
>I am not saying that we can't call a fake a fake, but you can forget
>ebay's help, hell, they let Matteo back on after a two week suspension
>scamming me buy making a new name and bidding on a bunch of my items
>after I
>blocked him.
>Mike Farmer
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>From: "Marc D. Fries" <m.fries_at_gl.ciw.edu>
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>Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] LETTER FROM EBAY
>> I have a similar story - about a year ago I came across someone
>>"AZTEC TEMPLE ARTIFACTS" that the seller claimed he had pocketed while
>>no one was looking on a trip to Chichzen Itza (sp??) in Mexico. I
>>contacted ebay on their "theft, fraud, abuse, or what-not" page and
>>received a very similar email in response.
>> How much more blatant can one get? "Aztec temple artifacts"
>>transported back to the States, and posted on ebay??? I was shocked
>>watch the auction go all the way to its posted finish.
>> Don't count on these yahoos to do any policing of meteorite, or any
>>other, sales.
>>>After reporting to ebay an obvious fake listed on ebay
>>> I get this response. Thought that some of you might
>>>be interested. There is no doubt whatsoever that what
>>>I was reporting was a fake. Read em and weep.
>>>Thank you for taking the time to write us. We know
>>>your time is
>>>and we appreciate your taking a moment to express
>>>concern over this
>>>particular item.
>>>Since eBay does not possess or examine the items that
>>>are listed on our
>>>site, we are not in the best position to judge the
>>>legality or
>>>authorized nature of the item for auction. This means
>>>that we cannot
>>>remove items, such as the one you have reported. Of
>>>course there may be
>>>occasions where we do act on items such as these, but
>>>only in extreme
>>>We truly appreciate your knowledge about these types
>>>of items, however,
>>>we often cannot remove items based on representations
>>>of third parties.
>>>The reason for this is because we can not
>>>independently verify the
>>>credentials and accuracy of the information that is
>>>provided by third
>>>parties. As a result of this, unless the item is, in
>>>our judgement,
>>>plainly prohibited by law or by our own rules, we
>>>instead rely on help
>>>from government agencies for an authoritative view on
>>>the legality of a
>>>particular auction.
>>>However, I can suggest, if you would like, you can
>>>contact the
>>>appropriate government or law enforcement agency
>>>regarding this issue.
>>>eBay has a longstanding policy of providing full
>>>cooperation with law
>>>enforcement agencies and we will gladly assist them in
>>>an investigation
>>>of unlawful conduct.
>>>Again, thank you for your report. We appreciate your
>>>help in keeping
>>>eBay a safe and reputable forum to conduct business.
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