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Date: Wed Jul 28 15:22:51 2004
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Dear Ruben, Robert, and List:

Thank you for the recent posts regarding Franconia area meteorites,
which were most interesting.

I will have a feature article in the upcoming August 2004 issue of
"Meteorite" magazine about the Franconia strewn field, or the
"Graveyard of meteorites" as our friend Jim Kriegh calls it. The
title of the piece is "Lingua Franconia: Deciphering Arizona's
Meteorite Graveyard."

Ruben Garcia and Mike Miller were kind enough to invite Jim and
myself to hunt with them at Franconia this past spring, and they
provided me with the most informative interviews, upon which the
article is based. Sonny Clary has also been very successful at
Franconia, and I had the pleasure of interviewing him as well, and
touring the southern part of the strewn field in his company. These
gentlemen are serious meteorite hunters and have made some amazing

Following our trip to the strewn field, Jim, Twink Monrad, and myself
traveled to ASU, where we visited with Dr. Gary Huss, and discussed
the ongoing classification process in detail.

All of this is covered in the upcoming article in detail, as well as
a description of some finds that Jim and I made -- primarily
small-ish stones, but also a lovely small iron which looks very much
like a Sikhote-Alin.

I would like to invite you all to see a preview: here are some of the
photos from Franconia jaunt:



I'd also like to thank Ruben, Mike, Sonny, Jim Kriegh and Dr. Huss
for being so generous with their time and for making the upcoming
article possible.

Don't miss the August issue of "Meteorite"! New subscribers to the
M-List should definitely check out their website:


I hope you find the photos enjoyable.

Best wishes to all,

Geoff N.
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