[meteorite-list] Oman meteorite hunting permits

From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Jul 29 17:49:16 2004
Message-ID: <410970DF.6070003_at_fascination.com>

Dear Dean;
Very good post! We in the meteorite community appreciate your
communications and valuable information.

Those who stir the pot for their own benefit are to be steered clear of
in my opinion. The good example of the Libyan Desert Glass is EXACTLY
what kind of crummy folks are around out there protecting things for
their own personal/finincial gain rather than doing the science or hobby
ANY good.
Again, thank you Dean for a very good discussion of worldly policies.
Dave Freeman mjwy

dean bessey wrote:

>I dont know about Oman but in the past dealers have
>been making efforts in Morocco saying that it was
>illegal to export meteorites and fossils from morocco
>without permits.
>And while it is required to go to the moroccan export
>office for inspection this is nothing more than
>Moroccan law. This is required if you export anything
>from morocco commercially. Moroccan law requires that
>all commercial goods leaving the country be examined
>by customs.
>However, I have checked with moroccan customs in
>morocco and with the embassy here in Canada and I also
>know that the canadian government has checked about
>morocco about these items also.
>They all say that meteorites, trilobites, fossil
>marble, ammonites and crynoids are all legal to export
>from morocco without a permit or anything other than a
>customs inspection. (You get a coloured paper when you
>do this). This is procedural and like anything in
>morocco when dealing with government takes 5 or 6
>hours. This generally kills a day so I like getting my
>moroccan partners do do all of this grunt work - they
>dont need me anyway. Anybody who has went through the
>proper channels doing trade between canada and the
>united states can testify to the fact that 5 or 6
>hours is not a long time. Yesterday at the montreal
>crossing there was a 10 hours backup of trucks
>crossing the Canada/USA border for example.
>All that is required to export meteorites from morocco
>is your standard export inspection certificate that
>any commerial good from morocco requires.
>On this list in the past dealers blowing off and
>trying to cause crap and problems with other dealers
>and playing the game of "My meteorites are better than
>your meteorites" have been claiming that they have
>permits, other dealers dont, they have better export
>permits, ect. They are full of BS (And Of course I
>never got involved in this in the past myself as I am
>to fine and upstanding to stoop to petty bickering
>like that - thats my story and I am sticking to it so
>dont bother looking through past messages to prove me
>However, rather than trying to stir up more crap
>dealers or anybody else concerned should call the
>moroccan embassy and find out first hand for
>themselves. They will find that they will be told that
>meteorites and trilobites are not restricted from
>leaving morocco and have not been anytime in the past
>five years.
>Anybody who says otherwise is full of BS and dont know
>what they are talking about.
>This crapola has been tossed around for years now and
>nobody has bothered to make a simple phone call (Or
>even an email) to the moroccan embassy which you can
>easily find and ask them.
>I dont know about Oman but I suspect that the "Permit"
>is probably a travel or exploration permit and has
>nothing to do with meteorites. Just like a customs
>inspection permit is required to export anything from
>morocco - the permit has nothing to do with
>I am just guess on the Oman stuff and could be wrong
>about Oman. But there is always people trying to stir
>up crap with collectors. Even on this list. Remember a
>few week sago when some nutcase on this list took one
>of Mark Bostics rough in as found condition untouched
>by man ebay auctions of Libyan desert glass, lied to a
>professional archaelogists that it was an egyptian
>artifact and based on the misrepresented archaelogists
>information declared to all that libyan desert glass
>was illegal to export?
>List members should be numb to this by now.
>--- Adam Hupe <raremeteorites_at_comcast.net> wrote:
>>Dear List,
>>The recent post regarding a lunar meteorite from
>>Oman has me somewhat
>>A quote from Ron Baalke's Meteorite from Oman post:
>>Scientists who've acquired the special permits
>>needed to search for
>>meteorites in Oman and North Africa during the past
>>half-dozen years have
>>been amply rewarded, Jull said.
>>What special permit is needed to search for
>>meteorites in Oman? I know an
>>ambassador can approve removal, is this enough and
>>do you even need
>>permission to search Oman? From what I have heard,
>>customs will let you
>>declare them at the airport and do not seem to care.
>> They seem to be more
>>concerned with the weight of your luggage and
>>artifacts than unproven
>>meteorites. The reason I ask is that we are
>>considering a trip to the area
>>but if these meteorites are not legal without a
>>permit we need to know how
>>to go about getting such paperwork if it really
>>All the Best,
>>Adam Hupe
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