[meteorite-list] Congratulations on having an asteroid named after you!

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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:47 2004
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Rob Matson:

Congratulations on the honor of having an asteroid named after you.

"The Minor Planet Center today updated its Discovery Circumstances pages with 93 new namings. The highest numbered asteroid with a name is now 73491 Robmatson (2002 PO164), a Main Belter discovered by Sebastian Hoenig in the NEAT/Palomar archive. Rob Matson is also an archive sleuth (see 2004 DW news) as well as a meteorite and SOHO comet hunter."


> Hi List and Rob,
> I did get permission from our own list member Rob Matson to post this email
> he send to me.
> I thought it to be very interesting and would like to share it with you.
> Happy hunting, Moni
> >that reminds me, have you found one lately?
> Yep -- nearly every day. But all of the finds credited to me (so far)
> have been Main Belt asteroids. The most interesting and rewarding
> work was my precovery of asteroid 2004 DW last month. You may have
> read about this giant icy TNO (trans-Neptunian object) in the news,
> as it is probably the largest body that has been found in the solar
> system other than the planets and their moons. You can read about
> it here:
> http://www.hohmanntransfer.com/mn/0402/21.htm
> In other asteroid news, as asteroid was officially named after me
> today! See page 2 here:
> http://www.hohmanntransfer.com/mn/0403/05.htm
> --Rob
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