[meteorite-list] Portales Vally classification?

From: Devin Schrader <makinsomenoise_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:47 2004
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No they weren't lazy. It is an H6. "they" know what they are doing. The
metal viens in the meteorite are the result of an impact event the shocked
the metal from the meteorite into veins. They proved this because the metal
(wt %) missing from the H6 parent stone is accounted for in the wt % of the
veins. The veins can be etched because the metal stayed molten for millions
of years and was able to crystalize. Portales Valley remained under the
impact debris in a crater in the melt lens (insulation kept it hot). It was
later excavated by another impact and later ended up in New Mexico. So,
while it is unique it does not warrant a new classification. An extensive
paper was written on this by Dr. Kring, et al.
Hope this helps,

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Subject: [meteorite-list] Portales Vally classification?

> Hello List, I have to ask, was Portales Valley classified as a H6 ordinary
> chondrite because "they" were to lazy to make up a new classification? It
> would seem to me that this unique meteorite deserves it's own group
> of being shoved into an already existing group.
> I do not feel like we have found every type of meteorite yet, are "they
> going do this with all of them, just sticking them in existing categories,
> or will they make a new one if need be?
> Thanks, Tom
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