[meteorite-list] OT- Our position regarding the IMCA

From: Adam Hupe <adamhupe_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:47 2004
Message-ID: <00ca01c40560$2481c460$62f61018_at_attbi.com>

Dear List members,

We recognize that the List and IMCA are two different entities. Since they
cross over sometimes we thought we would state our position regarding the
IMCA. If you are not interested please just delete this message and no harm
will have been done.

It was mentioned that my brother, Greg and I do not belong to the IMCA. We
have been members since its inception and fully endorse the efforts of this
group. We do not post often because the group is managing itself pretty
well. In our opinion, the IMCA is evolving into a highly respected entity
by going to non-profit corporation status. It seems like the natural thing
to do since the IMCA is more and more becoming a recognized authority on
such important subjects such as authenticity.

Although the group has limitations regarding ebay issues, Ken is doing a
professional job contacting sellers who are marketing questionable items. I
am sure this has reduced the number of frauds being committed by accident or
otherwise and for this we should all be thankful. It takes a lot of effort
to contact these vendors and for this the IMCA should be applauded. Almost
everybody including ourselves has been scammed at one time or another and it
leaves a bad taste that lasts a long time. If some buyers can be spared
this I do not see a problem in trying to prevent it.

As far as law suites go, we would be willing to pay for lab time and a
professional scientist's report on questionable material if legal action was
brought to bear against the IMCA. We hope to see IMCA become the benchmark
on authenticity that only a coherent group as a whole can produce. The IMCA
can only reach this goal as a collective group, more powerful than any
single individual.

We fully endorse the IMCA,

Adam and Greg Hupe
The Hupe Collection
IMCA 2185
Received on Mon 08 Mar 2004 05:53:14 PM PST

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