[meteorite-list] Dhofar 008 - highly unequilibrated chondrite

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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:47 2004
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Stan wrote:

> Does anyone have any more information about Dho 008?
> The Cometshop guys have been selling it as an L3.2,
> however I have seen reference to it as an H/L. Any further
> insight would be appreciated ...

Dhofar 008 has a weathering grade of W2 and a shock stage
of 3. So far so good. But now the problems really start :

a) the average chondrule diameter puts it in the low range
of average chondrule sizes for the L group;

b) Fa content of olivine varies in a wide range from 1.3-50.4
proof of its being (highly unequilibrated);

c) The average Fa and Fs values are in the range for H chondrites (!);

d) The range of Co contents in kamacite includes the ranges for H
and L chondrites;

e) Bulk chemical composition show that it has the typical
characteristics of L group chondrites;

f) Oxygen isotopic compositions are almost in the range
of LL chondrites;

g) Oxygen isotopic compositions resemble those for Tieschitz (H/L);

The authors conclude that the meteorite:

(a) corresponds to petrological type 3.2/3.3;
(b) may contain material from several different reservoirs.

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IVANOVA M.A. et al. (2001) Geochemical and thermoluminescence
studies of Dhofar 008, a L3.2/3.3 chondrite (MAPS 36-9, 2001, A088).
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