[meteorite-list] NWA 3099 (L/LL3) and why not 3.X ???

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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:47 2004
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Jeff, Bernd and others:

Great stuff guys, especially the pictures of these great unequilibrated stones. Will we ever
understand how these anomalies ever happened...probably not. But it is sure is worth trying.

Questions: I've often wondered why some of these stones are not evaluated further to determine
the level of feldspar change/metamorphism that grades this level of change from the original
material. Instead of simply stating it is an LL3...the grading goes further to say it LL3.2,
LL3.5, etc. If I remember right it is a measurement of the feldspar glass illuminescence.

1. How/who decides when to this evaluation?

2. Is it really just a matter of available equipment in many cases...the facility may not
have the ability to do the test...so meteorites out of those institutions are never beyond LL3.

3. Is it a cost issue for doing the test?? Seems to me that LL3's are cheaper to buy than say LL3.5 or lower...yet I've looked at plenty of awesome LL3's that rival some the others with the
extra desingation or test.

Maybe of the dealers that have stones evaluated can tell us why this test is done or not.
I'd like to see it done more often with beauties like NWA 3099, and NWA 1933. Why not is my question.



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G'day all,

For those of you who purchased NWA 3099 or are just interested, I spoke =
with Bernd over the past couple of weeks regarding this particularly =
remarkable meteorite. Bernd had some interesting things to say it which =
are posted at the end of the page here:



Jeff Kuyken
I.M.C.A. #3085

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<DIV><FONT size=3D2>For those of you who purchased NWA 3099 or are just=20
interested, I spoke with Bernd over the past couple of weeks regarding =
particularly&nbsp;remarkable meteorite. Bernd had some interesting =
things to say=20
it which are posted at the end of the page here:</FONT></DIV>
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<DIV><FONT size=3D2>Cheers,</FONT></DIV>
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<DIV><FONT size=3D2>Jeff Kuyken<BR>I.M.C.A. #3085<BR><A=20

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