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Bernhard ..... ??
Wouldnt it be something for you ?

Lars Pedersen
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> Mystery object hits home
> Sean Olson , STAFF WRITER 03/11/2004
> High Point Enterprise
> No one was home when the object hit Joanie Stumpf's Westgate Drive =
home in
> north High Point.
> Sometime between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, a metal, egg-shaped =
> fell from the sky, pierced Stumpf's roof and ceiling, smashed a dent =
> her hardwood floor and ricocheted more than six feet, breaking a =
> holder on the nearby entertainment center.
> "My daughter is the one who found it when she came home from school at =
> 2:30," Stumpf said. "She said something fell onto the roof, and I =
thought it
> was a tree and came right home."
> Given the circumstances, Stumpf and others thought it could be a piece =
of a
> plane, a meteorite or a piece of space garbage that's fallen to earth =
> orbiting the planet's atmosphere.
> "Objects can fall from space," said Tom English, director of the Cline
> Observatory at Guilford Technical Community College. "There are =
thousands of
> objects that orbit the earth. As those orbits decay, they can re-enter =
> atmosphere. It happens fairly frequently."
> It's more likely that the object came from a place closer than a =
galaxy far,
> far away. While it may have been tempting or exciting to think of the =
> as a meteorite or piece of space trash, David Butler, a meteorite =
> and member of the Greensboro Astronomy Club, and Roger Joyner, =
> curator at the Greensboro Natural Science Center, went to Stumpf's =
house to
> take a look at the object, and both believe that the object was likely
> man-made.
> "It looks like it could have some machine heating," Joyner said as he
> pointed to small, bluish spots on the object.
> "And there are facets or planes where it looks like it's been cut," he
> added, pointing to the jagged edges on the surface of the metal.
> "I'd say it's certainly man-made," Butler said after looking at the =
> under a stereoscope.
> Joyner theorizes the metal object could have come off a large, =
> shredder like those used in the nearby Ingleside Composting Yard. The =
> could have been shot off a piece of their equipment, Joyner thinks.
> "This is probably a piece of their equipment," he said. "These =
> look like something a machine makes, and it looks blue from heating. =
> more I look at it, the more this looks like it came off of a piece of
> machinery."
> The facility uses large shredders to mulch trees and other debris into
> mulch.
> Sean Olson can be contacted
> at 888-3627 or solson_at_hpe.com
> =A9High Point Enterprise 2004
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