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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:56 2004
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I am really confused here as to the purpose of the
Hupes email and photo along this thread. What exactly
is it that you are trying to acompolish?. There are
two meteorites (And nice ones to may I add) but I cant
figure out the purpose of sending those nice photos in
conjunction with my sale. From past postings the hupes
are all for science and no comments about a meteorite
should ever be made and no sales should take place
until all minor details of the science is figured out
(Example: The hupes recent attack on Mike Farmer for
selling amgala that farmer knew exactly what it was
but still waiting on the classification). Apparantly
this is bad science and bad business on farmers part.
(Maybe you could explein to us a little more exactly
why this is so because something is lost on me with
that one).
So are you now saying that you can make absolute
scientific pairings based on digital photos from a
webpage? I realize that the moroccan half of "The
Lunar Rock team" has the ability to analyize a rock
and get the complete classification acceptable to the
meteoritical society and Jeff Grossman just by looking
at it when it is buried in the sand while riding a
camel, can move mountains, solve world hunger, and
root out all members of bill clintons harem - but is
this an new ability that you now have? If so please
let everybody know because all of the dealers (Myself
included) would love to get thousands of meteorites
classified and there is a huge backlog right now that
you could solve in half a day flat by taking advantage
of the "Lunar Rock team" resources.
I think that I will contact the "Moroccan half of
Lunar Rock team" and put them in touch with the
meteoritical society to get this classificatin thing
straitened out.
After all, its all in the interest of science. Thats
the only reason I do this. For science and extenting
human knowledge. Hell, I am only doing this to promote
knowledge and the only reason why I am not giving my
rocks away for free is because I need some way to
finance this scientific quest - and NASA wont finance
me because of budgetary cutbacks.
So let us all know - whats the real reason that you
took part in this email thread about my sale (During
the time that I was having my sale).
I am sure it was strictly in the interest of science.
For the record anybody who goes to Morocco and spends
$5000 on meteorites and Habibi finding out about it
means that everybody in the sahara involved with
meteorites knows that there is a new meteorite buyer
that might drop some cash their way. Its a very tight
knit community and most of these people grew up
together. I may or may not be as big a fish in morocco
as I claim sometimes but if the "Moroccan half of the
lunar rock team dont even know who I am and never herd
of me" they must have been living on the moon or
extremily drunk for the last 4 years. How could
somebody with the extensive meteorite contacts in
morocco as the "Lunar Rock team" not even know the
name of what is at least one of the top five buyers of
meteorites in Morocco. Thats like a computer salesmen
not knowing who Compaq computer is.


--- Adam Hupe <adamhupe_at_comcast.net> wrote:
> Dear List,
> Just for the record we were not the original group
> to have the
> recrystallized Howardite NWA 1929 classified. We
> just sent in a secondary
> type specimen for pairing purposes. Dean's new
> stone is a Polymict Eucrite
> and is not paired with NWA 1929 as we already
> submitted a sample months ago.
> You can look at pictures on ebay or dealers
> web-sites and see that NWA 1929
> is completely different. We will be busy until
> Tuesday. If anybody is
> interested we will post images of the new Polymict
> Eucrite next to NWA 1929,
> a true Howardite early next week.
> All the best,
> Adam and Greg Hupe
> IMCA 2185
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> Subject: [meteorite-list] SALE: REALLY COOL
> > I dont know what this is, havent sent it for
> > classification, and this poor lost meteorite dont
> even
> > have a name to call its own. The nomad that I
> bought
> > it from said that it was Lunar (He also told me
> that
> > the H5s, L6s and a bunch other stuff that I bought
> > from him was lunar also - but we wont talk about
> that
> > right now).
> > But I figure - hey, what the heck, I will ask $20
> a
> > gram for it anyway. I hope that everybody buys it
> all
> > because then I wont have to go through the trouble
> and
> > effort to try and get it named and classified (I
> hate
> > having stuff for more than 3 weeks).
> > My prices are probably lower than most other
> dealers
> > would charge but I can offer a 25% discount on my
> > listed prices to list members. Paypal preferred
> form
> > of payment (because the Moroccans are hounding me
> for
> > payment on this rock).
> > Cheers
> > DEAN
> > http://www.meteoriteshop.com/900salepage.html
> > PS:
> > This is cool. Look just to see the pictures even
> if
> > you are not interested in buying any. WARNING: If
> you
> > do this you might really be tempted to lighten
> your
> > pocket book.
> >
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