[meteorite-list] The June 3rd sighting has not panned out

From: Martin Altmann <Altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun Oct 10 15:30:59 2004
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my most strange "meteorite" find's report, (beside from a weathered
sandstone, which should have killed 13 sheeps on a meadow) was from a guy,
who contacted me, that he discovered two meteorites, that his father had
seen falling.
They were shaped quite cylindric with conical noses, rusty and made from
iron, had the same size, were et least 500 pounds each and they fell in
1944, he wrote.
I begged him on my knees not to take samples from those "meteorites" but to
inform immediately the next police station, that he found two bombs, but
greedy as he was, he refused as he didn't want to loose his assumed upcoming
prosperity to the estate, thus I never heard from him again.
Well, didn't read yet from him in the newspaper, so he will be still at good

It happens not so seldom, that people get angry or even impolite after I
told them, that their finds aren't meteoritic, as in most cases they already
dreamed of a villa with pool, fat car and a golden future.


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> It looks like one of your discoverer wanted to try their luck on
> ebay instead. At least you can't blaim him for making a false
> description.
> :-)
> My help from the public have got me nowhere either but I think
> it was worth a try.
> Three duds from a dude and two dudettes was all I got for my effort.
> Most fascinating was a block of pure white quarts they claimed fell
> on a field in the winter of 1956. They marked the spot and dug it
> up in the summer.
> For the last 50 years they had a 20kg pure quartz block in their
> livingroom. I could easily see that it that came from the mountains
> and probably were transported during the last ice age 10000 years ago.
> I'm going out for one last time to see if I could find a meteorite.
> If I don't find anything near the "crater" now I will give up. I've
> combed the woods up to 50m from the "crater" with 1m segments so I
> don't miss anything.
> As a last desperate act I will also collect all the dirt and gravel
> that were thrown out from the "crater" in hope of finding a fragment
> or crushed stones.
> Wish me luck!
> :-)
> /G?ran
> Adam Hupe wrote:
> >Dear List,
> >
> >I am finished following up leads generated by the June 3rd, bolide
> >I will never advertise again to check out suspected meteorites. I have
> >driven all over the state investigating suspected meteorites and have
> >fielded well over 200 phone calls without a single solid lead. Even the
> >most promising leads turned out to be dudes.
> >
> >Some things I learned are:
> >
> >No matter what you say, once somebody's got it in their head that they
> >a meteorite you can not tell them differently.
> >
> >If you tell them their suspected meteorite is terrestrial they may state
> >that it is a new type never seen before just like the ones they read
> >on the internet.
> >
> >If you tell them that their stone is not a meteorite and not worth
> >or whatever amount they need to clear their debt, they think you are
> >to hoodwink them out of it even though no offers were extended.
> >
> >I think after this last email I will go back to searching for meteorites
> >myself. This passage was pulled from an email I received after telling
> >author he did not have a meteorite.
> >
> >**************************************************************
> >How can you say it is not a meteorite?You were not there where I was when
> >saw and heard this thing hit the ground at more than max mach speed. it
> >me days to get up the nervs to dig it out and I do not care what you say
> >because its mine not yours get it. If you found it it would be a
> >right but since I found it it is not.Come on lets be fair.I and my
> >know you want it thats why you tell me it is not what I know it is.Even
> >you paid me $15000 for it I would not sell it to you. I already will
> >somebody who respects it look at it so you can forget about it.
> >***************************************************************
> >
> >It is almost scary dealing with people like this.
> >
> >All the best,
> >
> >Adam
> >
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