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Test. Please do not reply. Thanks

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Yep, it's actually amazing how un-radioactive meteorites are, when you
consider where they have come from and that some have actually melted due to
radioactivity, long ago.

I guess the differentiation on an asteroid and the fact that there is no
aqueous action on the rocks, means that any naturally occurring
radioisotopes are well dispersed, and not concentrated enough to measure.

Lots of short lived isotopes on new falls due to cosmic events though..


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Well, I have 3 Geiger counters, but not radioactive meteorites...;-

I?m also a collector of minerals, and there are many, many minerals,
radioactive in the nature. Some slightly, like Columbite, some not so
slightly, like Uranite, these I keep in my garage, but my Brahins are
all in the house ;-


pekka s

Brennan Klose wrote:

> Hi All,
> I just want you all to know that it is nothing dangerous (radioactive)
> in all Brahin samples. Brahin meteorite fell long ago and all samples
> that were (and will be) found are from quite deep level under the
> surface (0.5-1.5 meters) where no radiation is. Some radiation is only
> on the surface in that area. My friends and I were several times
> there. But we are not enemies for our selves. The radiation is quite
> low in the area where the ellipse of Brahin is located. Temporary
> visiting that place is absolutely safety for health. Even several
> tenths of years you can live there. Just they made a border between
> living and not living areas on the level of 30 microrentgen/h. (The
> Brahin town is in the level of 36 microrentgen/h and people live
> there. They let cows eat the grass there and eat the meat and drink
> milk after without any doubt. Note, that a lot of Earth stones that
> were used to built big houses have more radiation level than all
> meteorites (including Brahin). We pass all the times the security in
> many airports of the world with Brahin. It impossible to carry
> radioactive goods on the plane! If you still not believe, get a Geiger
> counter, measure something at home and after bring it to one of the
> shows (or measure you own Brahin sample if you have already one).
> All the best.
> Serge
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