[meteorite-list] Portales Valley: Not Just Another Ordinary Chondrite

From: Robert Woolard <meteoritefinder_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Oct 5 21:02:07 2005
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Hello Matteo and List,

  Matteo had written:

> In Roberl Woolard site its write this:
> H7, Metallic Melt Breccia (Primitive Achondrite)
> Its ok?
> Matteo

  Just to make it perfectly clear, what I say on the
site, in context, is: (Capitalization and spacing
added here for emphasis):

 POSSIBLE New Classification for Portales Valley !

  H7, Metallic Melt Breccia (Primitive Achondrite)

And further, in the text:

 "From the very start, PV proved to be very puzzling.
It simply did not appear to resemble any other known
meteorite. Was it a stone, an iron, or a stony-iron?
Even today, almost every reference to PV includes
phrases such as "unique, never before seen, first time
ever, puzzling, one of a kind", etc. Some of the
reasons for these claims are that this is the first
time for a "stone" meteorite to exhibit Thomson
(Widmanstatten) figures, incredibly large veins and
even "sheets" of metal, and graphite nodules up to one
inch in diameter. Seven years and literally dozens of
research papers later, the complete story of the
formation of Portales Valley is still unknown, and
continues to be debated. Current research MAY lead to
the reclassification of this unique and intriguing
meteorite as an H7, Metallic Melt Breccia (primitive


  I am encouraged to see that the "debate/questioning"
appears to still be ongoing, and I'm hopeful that one
of these days, the COMPLETE formation history of PV
will be understood and agreed on by all.... WHATEVER
that final understanding is.

  Best wishes,


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