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From: Kevin Forbes <vk3ukf_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri Oct 7 06:11:39 2005
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Hi all, in a follow up with more info regards this.

Greg Olsen is also making, and has com contacts via amateur radio on the
standard voice frequencies.
If you have an amateur radio license or a radio scanner, you may be lucky in
either listening or indeed making contact. If you have a radio scanner,
monitor 145.800 MHz FM for the next few days. If you are able to, please,
also record the event and let us all know about it, as it is indeed history
in the making.
It would also be a very good idea to have satellite tracking on your
computer such as WXTRACK,
and the latest keps, ( keps are available from,
http://celestrak.com/NORAD/elements/ )
( KEPS are keplarian elements, a bunch of numbers regularly updated, that
allow software to plot sats, They need updated at regular intervals as many
things change a sats orbit in the course of a week, from thruster burns, to
solar activity affecting Earths atmosphere's expansion, thus changing the
drag on a sat.)
so that you know when the ISS is above you and then to listen. Those with a
license should be able to find the correct frequency to transmit to the ISS
in their area as the frequency is different for different parts of the
According to my info they are...


Zone 1 Europe-Middle East-Africa-North Asia
RX 145.800, TX 145.200
Zone 2 North and South America-Caribbean-Greenland
RX 145.800, TX 144.490
Zone 3 South Asia-Australia-New Zealand-Oceania
RX 145.800, TX 144.490
all FM mode.

This website will provide up to the minute info on either computer link
contacts for the PMS computer system (packet radio), PCSAT2 operations
(packet radio), all onboard ISS, and any voice contacts as they happen.


Good luck.

Kevin, VK3UKF.

P.S. This may also be of interest to some.....

If you have the capability and knowledge, but no license, please do transmit
hoping for a reply, you will be made an example of. (pirate)

>Good Morning list-members,
>This doesn't have anything to do with meteorites, but it is still space
>related and I thought worth sharing.
>Similar to Ron Baalke's post about the Mars Exploration Rover Update.
>Pretty cool! :-)
>Space Tourist Greg Olsen Makes First Solo ISS Broadcast
>Sternengruss, Moni
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