[meteorite-list] POLL: rustiest most unstable known

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Date: Fri Oct 7 16:05:33 2005
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I'd like to wade in here uninvited. My life has been around adhesives and
corrosion. In order to have corrosion you have to have H2O + O2 + Cl and if
you have a meteorite in a vacuum you will not have corrosion. The Ionic
vapor phase happens when moisture can reach an unstable substrate. The
rusting is the attempt of the substrate to return to its original state.

Rusting under a coating is common when you have a coating that has
micro-porosity and no vapor phase inhibitor in the formula of the coating.
Encapsulated moisture with a bit of oxygen makes a great environment for
ionic exchange. = rust

Bill Mason "rusty" bmason3_at_comcast.net

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Hi Harlan, Dronino, It came supposedly protected, coated in nail polish,
withtin a few days began corroding. A month later, it was lifting the nail
polish. It is now sitting in a jar of caustic and methylated spirits, in an
attempt at removing its hydroscopic properties. One piece I got, I coated in

beeswax immediately. It has not yet showed any corrosion, but probably will.

Sweaty finger prints on Gibeon are also a problem, one bit needs sanding and

Kevin. VK3UKF.

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>ok, folks what it is? let's see the TOP 10 sweatiest, crappiest, rustiest,
>hear-it-crackle- as it falls apart in your hands 5 seconds after sawing,
>skyrox. i'll start with: tsarev, brahin, campo. what have YOU got?!
>you georgia skyrockers- keep it to yourself until we wind this down (i
>already know what YOU are think of).
>i will be gradually switching over to yahoo mail (it has 100 FREE megs of
>storage). please cc to: bigpineartifacts_at_yahoo.com

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