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Date: Sun Oct 9 18:05:00 2005
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> harlan trammell wrote:

"ok, folks what it is? let's see the TOP 10 sweatiest, crappiest, rustiest,
hear-it-crackle- as it falls apart in your hands 5 seconds after sawing,
skyrox. i'll start with: tsarev, brahin, campo. what have YOU got?!"

Steve Schoner responded:

Nearly impossible to cure."

Yes, "my" Mt. Dieu from Alain Carion is a ruster - "my" between inverted
commas because we all know that things may be quite different from one
meteorite to another. My Tsarev has been stable for almost 20 years now,
my Brahin from Ivan K. is still stable, my Campo from the Zeitschels or from
David New (I don't quite remember who it was from) is still OK whereas a
silicate-iron piece of the Campo del Cielo meteorite is rusting away before
my eyes, ... and not to forget, Alex Seidel has heard it so often before :-),
my Brenham slice has also been stable for about 20+ years now.

> falls apart in your hands 5 seconds after sawing ...

I don't quite agree. My Nantan didn't fall apart five seconds after sawing
because it was sawn when I bought it at a Mineral Show in Ulm in 1999,
and, it fell apart 10 seconds (!) after I had purchased it ;-)

Good night,


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