[meteorite-list] Wild Horse, Colorado Meteorite Classification Note

From: MARK BOSTICK <thebigcollector_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Oct 10 20:53:22 2005
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Hello All,

Re: The Wild Horse Meteorite


Wild Horse Meteorite, cut surface:

Wild Horse Meteorite Thin Section in light from my photo lights. Pure white

     After cutting the Wild Horse meteorite, shown above, a little. Me, and
fellow Kansas Met. Soc. member Jerry Calvert, thought the H5 unusual for the
meteorite, due to it's abundance of chondrules. A type specimen and a
(covered) thin section, was sent to Alan Rubin (UCLA) to get his thoughts.
The following are Rubin's thoughts.

     "I looked at the thin section of Wild Horse today and, as you suspect,
it is not an H5. The chondrules are only a little recrystallized and there
is low-Ca clinopyorxene in the chondrules. This phase is abundant in
type-3, present in type-4 and absent in type-5 and -6 chondrites. From the
degree of recrystallization and the abundance of low-Ca clinopyroxene, it
looks like type-4 to me.
Because the section is not a doubly polished one for the probe, I cannot
analyze the grains to make sure it is an H chondrite (or look at the
abundance of metal to make the same determination), but the chondrule sizes
seem to fit the H group. So, my guess is that it is an H4."

Clear Skies,
Mark Bostick
Received on Mon 10 Oct 2005 08:53:19 PM PDT

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