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Hello All,

In the 2005 June issue of MAPS, you'll find a book review of Marvin
Killgore's Book on Thin Sections. For those who are into thin sections
but don't have a MAPS subscription, here is a scanned copy of H.C.
Connolly's book review:

D.S. LAURETTA, M. KILLGORE (2004) A Color Atlas of Meteorites in
Thin Section (301 pp., $98.00, hardcover (ISBN 0-97204-721-2):

As an undergraduate studying geological sciences at Rutgers University, I remember my
mineralogy and petrology courses very well. I can remember going to the book store to
purchase the books I needed for my courses and sitting down in the aisle reading through
the two now farnous atlases of MacKenzie and Guilford (1980) and MacKenzie et al. (1982).
As I started to read them in the aisle, I was totally captivated as, for the very first
time, I saw images of minerals and rock textures through plain and crossed-polarized light.

I clearly remember the child-like joy I felt when examining these books. I have used these
books time and time again and they live in a very prominent place on my bookshelf and every
petrology course should use them.

Twenty years later, I was in the mail room in the departmental office of Kingsborough and
noticed a package. I had been waiting for a new book, so I quickly opened the package as
I walked from the mail room. To my great delight, it was the book I had been waiting for.
I started to read through it as I walked up the stairs and was immediately captivated in
a way that reminded me of my undergraduate days of reading through the MacKenzie books.

I soon reached the middle of the hallway and sat down, still reading. Shortly thereafter,
M i c h a e l W e i s b e r g and C y r e n a G o o d r i c h were walking past me in
the hallway and soon joined me in curiously reading through the book and admiring the
amazing photomicrographs of meteorites. It soon became apparent that I was going to need
to have a proper read of it. As our little reading group broke up, I was walking back to
my office when I heard Cyrena call down the hallway to me that she had wished she had
such a book to learn with when she was first studying meteorites.

The book, A Color Atlas of Meteorites in Thin Section by Dante S. Lauretta and Marvin
Killgore, is a compilation of classic examples of beautiful photomicrographs of almost
every meteorite class and type and accompanied by short descriptions of each class and

Good night for today,
part 2 will follow

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