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Date: Fri Oct 21 03:52:17 2005
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Hi Moser,

Better to use a lower temperature for a longer period of time than get it too hot too quick, it takes time for moisture to percolate out of all the pores in the material. I would think 100 degrees is a bit high. If you get them too hot, you may start to alter the metals properties, at high temperatures metal will start to oxidize and eventually you might eventually destroy the widmanstatten structure).

Btw, don't use a gas oven, as gas releases lots of water when it burns, so it's best to use some form of 'electric' drying oven. And your right, oil/grease is best applied while still slightly warm so that the water doesn't get chance to re-condense.

Btw IMHO, The best solvent to use is anhydrous ethanol (alcohol) since this absorbs water, it helps in drying them out..

Mark Ford

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Hi All,
yes you read well RUST, where?? on my Campo of course :))
I remove the rust with a steel brush after I use a metallic bruch with
alcohol, I don't know the correct english name for the type of product, it
is used like diluent for the syntetic painting. (butilic alcohol + toluene +
After I put on the meteorite a lot of a silicon grease, with my Canyon
Diablo work very well, no rust for 1 year.
But I think is better to heat the Campo before apply the grease so the water
will kick out.
Anyone have an idea about the temperature and the time for a 1.5Kg Campo??
I think 80 - 100 ?C for 3h can be fine, for you??

Thanks from me and my Campo.


Francesco Moser
IMCA #1510 www.imca.cc

There's just one kind of man that you can trust,
that's a dead man, or an IMCA like me.

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