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well, the good news its the NWA Empire its under
ended....but the same I receive emails with offers of
material from morocco, type Taza for $1/gr. Chondrites
with complete stone at 1 kg. for $150/kg. etc.....I
see in December what its possible find here in Italy,
and after in March...


--- Martin Altmann <Altmann_at_Meteorite-Martin.de> ha

> Hidiho too,
> my notes about the show are also somewhat short, as
> I had to run these days
> like a marathon man, so we have to wait for the
> photos and the notes of the
> other visitors and for the report by Norbert
> Classen in Joel's meteorite
> magazine.
> Mike is right, the Moroccans brought again less
> stones than last year, which
> is remarkable inasmuch as the real big shortage down
> to 10% appeared in the
> year before. Now I had the impression, that they
> brought only a few boxes
> with some nicer W1-chondrites, may it be, because
> they run indeed dry, may
> it be, that with the average weathered stuff there
> was no business to do at
> the last show, so that it made more sense for them
> to bring their fossils,
> minerals & artefacts with them.
> Almost no rare types they had, a few irons (or
> mesosiderite nodules sold as
> irons) and those kind of that fresher polymict
> eucrites, which are around
> everywhere at ebay, that's all. Even the ubiquist
> 869, which represented
> last year quite a share of the unidentified OCs, was
> difficult to get. The
> prices to start haggling were almost doubled
> compared to last year.
> Only the specialist Ali Hmani&Junior had a
> remarkable assortment of desert
> stuff, a nice fist-sized angrite I remember there as
> an highlight (but the
> price was ways beyond good and evil).
> So Mom&Dean's funny stall was this time the El
> Dorado for treasure hunters;
> whenever I passed by, I found at least one known
> enthusiast muck-raking
> through the desks with magnet&magnifier.
> Else worth mentioning was an somewhat larger desert
> iron at one of the
> Erfoud-boyz, which ought to be cut first, to be
> indentified, whether it's
> smth new or already known. Wasn't as fresh as Taza
> or Ziz.
> Hehe Mike, there was ONE large Gibeon, which you
> lose sight of - lying on
> the table of the Sprichs and K?nig.
> An 88kg disk-shaped individual with cool regmaglypts
> with an enormous gutter
> crossing adding zest to it as an pagan altar for
> scary ritual acts,
> buckleboo.
> At another half of a table, I forgot the name, there
> were some rough pieces,
> kg-sized of Gibeon, but that was all.
> Gibeon, in former times more common than Campo -
> Hans Camposanto Koser,
> charming and polyglot as always, had the full
> palette of all sizes and
> shapes, some with holes -
> and which was THE main iron like Sikhote in the last
> 2 years, dissapeared in
> the last 3 years due to the export restrictions.
> Sikhote-Alin was weakly represented, a few boxes,
> most of them shrapnels.
> For two reasons: the strewnfield isn't productive
> anymore and several
> Russians, who usually took part in the past, had to
> stay at home for some
> short time reasons.
> Just as well many regular meteorite exhibitors, like
> Christian Stehlin,
> Sigfried Haberer or Stefan Ralew didn't show up this
> year with a stall - has
> to do with the horrendous fees and the mental
> opstipation of the German
> audience, caused by an artificial hysteria about the
> lame economy, so they rather save every buck than to
> buy spacerocks.
> But also several new sellers joined the show:
> Andrej Andrejew, you know him from the ebay-handle
> "meteorock", outstandig
> from the Russian style standard ebay repertoire on
> his table were thin
> slices of the Budulan mesosiderite.
> Andi Hulk Starrockers Gren had a nice display case,
> with the already
> mentioned Page City fullslice (his perfect etched
> Zagoras with Neumann lines
> were sold out immediately). He's the PRETZEL
> SAVIOUR! Generously he paid all
> pretzels, which were forgot to be paid by the
> attendants on Friday evening
> in the Fliegerbr?u, so we send all our thanks and
> will buy immediately in
> his "meteorite house" until it's empty.
> The reknown Comet-Shop-Team sent this time only a
> shortened assortment and
> one representant, also a "Sergej" and a nice person,
> speaking a good German.
> >From their well known meteorites, I remember (I'm
> conservative and can keep
> names better in mind than numbers) the new pallasite
> "Pallasovska" - could
> be there a better name for an PAL?
> Especially glad I was, that this year finally,
> finally Norbert Kammel in
> person made it to the show. Many were missing the
> Kammels last year.
> Classical Aussie-names are their domaine, (and they
> were heftily underpriced
> as always!).
> For the first time in Munich was Slawomir Derecki.
> If one would have to be
> very severely, he would to be called the only true
> meteorite jeweler. As an
> skilled, professional jeweler and artist, he is
> specialized in meteorites,
> excogiting and producing technical high grade pieces
> of meteorite jewellery
> of special design. Forget about that tumbled
> meteorite pearls bracelets, the
> plump iron chunks with a thrilled hole on a string
> or those gilt etched
> irons, where after a year the plating falls offn -
> if I once need wedding
> rings, I know where I'll let them craft.....
> Erich&Sylvia's wonderfull chaotic stall is an
> institution on the show since
> many years and was mostly besieged from all - hence
> obviously always good
> for an advantegous purchase.
> Again the crown for rare names and historic falls
> deserve Achim&Moritz Karl
> & Sergej Vassiliev. It's unbelievable what for new
> old localities they load
> in their show cases each year. This time a variety
> of rare Australian irons.
> (Was Milly Willy the brother of Mill Billie?)
> But take care the Egers rivalled this year in
> cutting razorblade thin huge
> iron slices.
> Many, many more dealers attended, sorry, I can't
> mention all.
> Perhaps another prophecy on the brink: The era of
> the Scherff-cube will be
> replaced by the era of the Buhl-cube.
> Where were the deals to be found? Whenever I run
> into a collector, he or her
> pulled out from the bags (at least I had the
> impression) either a stone from
> Dean Bessey, whereabout he asked my opinion, or a
> piece from the Kammels, in
> most cases really excellent Millbillillies - I
> remember a superb oriented
> complete individual with lipping and flow lines and
> only one smaller side
> with minor traces of the red clay.
> And indeed, if I hadn't to save my own bucks for
> another investment, I would
> have bought the complete Kammel-table, I can tell
> you.
> Hence if I had to award prizes - I would give one to
> Dean Bessey for the
> most entertaining stall and again, as 3 years ago,
> the collector's award to
> Norbert&Heike Kammel.
> Friday eve, although several had to cancel in last
> minute or couldn't come
> to Munich, much to their regret, was an success, I
> think. We were more than
> last year. (Sorry again Dean&Mom, that we had to
> wait so long for a taxi.
> Was impossible for such a show, I'll instruct the
> organisators of the fair,
> that it won't happen again).
> As there aren't even much events throughout the
> year, were so many meteorite
> people arrive, I think, the Friday evening
> definetely will be now a jour
> fix, as in my eyes it's a real positive
> contribution, if we meteorite
> enthusiasts have an opportunity to sit relaxed
> together, to get to know
> closer and to talk, without the stress on the show,
> were often the hustle
> and bustle allows only slightly more than a short
> handshake.
> Oops, I forgot to do some Northamerican
> name-dropping,
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