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Date: Wed Feb 1 06:43:12 2006
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  In Nov 2004 the news of potential new Colorado lunar was published to
the List. Checking the chemical analysis from the abstract
Allan Treiman quickly alerted the List that there was a problem. (see
email below) Allan was right. Randy Korotev added that not only was it
not a lunar meteorite, "I suspect that this object is a piece of
industrial slag."
(http://epsc.wustl.edu/admin/resources/meteorites/granada.htm) On one of
his websites, Neil Ray apologized for "for any misunderstanding or
confusion that my published abstract has brought about." You would
think this would be the end of the matter, but it is not.

Perhaps you have seen the eBay auctions "Chicxulub meteorite (0.xxx g)
comes with COA/ guarantee
very rare, meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs, NR!" (ex.
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=6601599997) Well
guess what? It is the same 'lunar' material (Granada) resurrected by Mr.
Ray to a new and more prosperous life.

Initially I wrote Mr. Ray about his use of the the term 'meteorite' in
his eBay auction title.
(http://home.earthlink.net/~ebaywrong/auction/Chicxulub.html ) He
refuses to change "Chicxulub meteorite" while at the same time admitting
it is not a meteorite? (more 'misunderstanding or confusion') I thought
he was legit, and then I looked at his research conclusions.
(http://www.chicxulubmeteorite.com/) Making this short, I disagree with
his conclusions.

And what would Allan Treiman have to say about the new theory? Well, I
asked him. He said, "The simplest explanation, with the data I have, is
that Mr. Ray's rock is a piece of EAF slag." (EAF stands for Electric
Arc Furnace).
Ken Newton
IMCA #9632

Treiman, Allan wrote:

>Hi, Meteorite list --
> From the data in that abstract, I'd be very cautious
>this rock.
> First, the data in the abstract are not consistent with
>themselves. For isntance the rock is cited as 45% anorthite,
>but only 3.7% Al2O3. Anorthite contains ~36% Al2O3, so a
>rock that is 45% anorthite must contain at least 45% of 36%
>Al2O3, or 16% Al2O3. Only a factor of four off!!!
> Second, the chemical analysis is far off any known a moon rock.
>It shows 26.15% SiO2, which is not even enough if the rock were
>all olivine. The rock has 5.38% MnO, which is way more than any
>lunar rock. An earth rock with that much MnO would be mined as
>ore! The analysis has CaO of 39.6%, which is way higher than
>any moon rock -- lunar anorthosite has ~19% CaO, and mare basalts
>have ~8-12% CaO.
> If it is lunar, its like nothing else.
> Allan
>Allan H. Treiman
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>Hi All
>Just wanted to let the word out about the new possible Lunar meteorite. It is
>a 3200 gram beauty from.........and no it is not the dry deserts of Africa or
>Antarctica..... a little hint it's the first North American Lunar.....drum
>roll please....Colorado. How exciting is that. I guess it is good/lucky to be in
>Colorado (two achondrites in one year).
>It is from Granada near Lamar for all of you Coloradans. That would be the
>south eastern side of the state near Kansas for everybody else or about 200
>miles SE of Denver.
>Again it is only a possible Lunar.....but I'll keep you posted.
>I have included an abstract to the upcoming Geological Society of America
>meeting in Denver about the meteorite.
>Time to go hunt......anyone want to go. Oops I'm half way there. :)
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